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Family and School Partnerships

1400 Nalley Terrace Room 12
Landover, MD 20785
family and school partnerships

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Dr. Sheila Jackson

The Family Institute is designed to strengthen the capacity of families and other learning guardians through learning sessions in support of the academic achievement of students. The PGCPS Family Institute is the district's newest approach to providing a network of support for our community. All learning sessions will be free and will offer a wide variety of workshop topics that not only address how parents/families can support their students in school, but also how they can enrich their own lives.

Workshops will be categorized into four strands.

Workshop Strands


Family Empowerment: These sessions focus on child development, effective parenting practices, parent leadership, and advocacy. 


21st Century Learners: These sessions seek to foster an in-depth understanding of a student's grade-level curriculum, assessments as well as District-wide initiatives, academic supports, policies and procedures. 


Health and Wellness: These sessions emphasize the importance of health and wellness. Topics address the physical, social and emotional well-being of families. 


PGCPS Connects: Designed for PGCPS staff. Sessions aim to equip school and office staff with best practices in family and community engagement.