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Imagine Morningside Public Charter School



LOCATIONS: Imagine Morningside is located at 6900 Ames St, Morningside, MD 20746

PROGRAM INFO: Public Charter and Contract Schools

WEBSITE: Imagine Morningside Public Charter School

SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @IF_Morningside

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to and from charter schools is not provided by Prince George's County Public Schools.  Transportation is the sole responsibility of the parent.


Imagine Schools aims for every scholar to gain more than one year’s growth during the academic year. We also strive for all scholars who enter Imagine Schools below grade level to attain grade level proficiency within three years or less. Those at or above grade level will be challenged to soar beyond expectations. Imagine Morningside provides daily rigorous instruction through high quality common core aligned instruction for all subject areas. There is also daily differentiated instruction offered during school-wide Success Time that allows for intervention and enrichment in reading and math.

Our educational philosophy is grounded in educating the whole child. In order to assist scholars in thriving academically, teaching and learning must go beyond skill acquisition to the mastery of content. With mastery scholars, can apply their learning to new situations, solve problems, and create new ideas. This depth of understanding leads to a love of learning and critical thinking skills.

Program Features

Rigorous Instruction-MicroSociety-Restorative Practices

Choose this program if your child...

Consider Imagine Morningside if you scholar wants to be challenged academically, is interested in entrepreneurship, and wants to learn in a nurturing environment.


Who can apply

K-8 students that are residents of Prince George’s County. Students need a PGCPS student number

When to Apply

November 1, 2023 - February 9, 2024