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Spanish Immersion




  • Dual 50/50 Spanish Immersion- Cesar Chavez Dual Spanish Immersion School
  • Maintenance Bilingual- Cool Spring Elementary School (Spanish)
  • Full French Immersion- Dora Kennedy French Immersion School, Maya Angelou French Immersion School
  • Full Spanish Immersion - Overlook Full Spanish Immersion School, Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion School
  • Partial Immersion- Capitol Heights Elementary School (Spanish), Paint Branch Elementary School (Chinese), Central High School (French)
  • Spanish Multiple Pathways- Kettering Middle School


Immersion Programs Office
9201 E Hampton Dr
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
(240) 455-5899

WEBSITE: Immersion Programs


TRANSPORTATION: Transportation provided for in-boundary students


Students learn another language (Chinese, French, or Spanish) while learning the same grade level material as other PGCPS students.  Students learn Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts in a second language (depending on the Immersion model of the school).  Immersion Programs schools prepare students to bilingual, biliterate, and bi-cultural.  Many of our graduates have earned the Maryland State Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma.

Program Features

  • Many students qualify for the Maryland State Seal of Biliteracy
  • All three of our French Immersion schools are recognized by the French government for the high quality of bilingual education that they provide our students.
  • Immersion Programs schools prepare students to be college and career ready by learning another language and learning about another culture.

Choose this program if your child...

  • Shows interest in learning another language
  • You would like your child to learn another language


Who can apply

Students can apply for our lottery programs the January before they will be Kindergarteners.  Students can test in for any available spaces in Grades 1 and above for our lottery programs.  Capitol Heights Elementary School, Paint Branch Elementary School, and Cool Spring Elementary school are neighborhood programs and students must live in those boundary areas to attend those programs.

When to apply

  • The Kindergarten lottery application window opens in January.
  • The application for testing in the program for Grades 1 and above opens in October and closes May 15th for the next school year. 

Access Grades 1 and above testing into the Spanish Immersion Program