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Maria Caballero

Meet Maria Caballero, special educator on the Bilingual Assessments Team with 15 years with PGCPS!


Q.  What is your heritage and what country (or countries) is your family from?

Q.   What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you personally, and why is it important to celebrate it in the PGCPS community?
It means to  celebrate not only my heritage, but the diversity  and the influence and positive contributions of latin culture to  this country.

Q.   How has your cultural background and heritage shaped your perspective as a leader in education?
It was shaped with the daily life experiences working with students and families that I share a lot of similarities with. It has shaped my ability to share and serve the community in ways that impact lives of others beyond  being an educator, understanding the needs of the Latino families in this county and how we can provide quality education for all children.

Q.   What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing a career in education, especially those from Latino backgrounds?
Know that you will always have an impact not only in a child's life, but in an  entire family and community.

Q.   Can you recommend a book, movie, podcast or other resource that students, parents and educators can explore to learn more about Hispanic heritage and its significance in our society?
I love movies of biographies like "Frida Kahlo",  "Selena" and "Cesar Chavez"