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PGCPS is on the road toward transformation.

The strategic planning process commissioned by CEO Dr. Monica Goldson spurred this transformation journey and work is already underway toward our goals. Provoked by COVID-19, leadership’s courage to seize the opportunity to emerge stronger from the pandemic emboldened our commitment to eliminate barriers to equity and ensure every student receives a distinguished and culturally responsive education to succeed and thrive.

This five-year strategic plan reinforces the strategic direction, focus and investment priorities to which PGCPS is committed. It will enable district staff to use past learnings to inform current and future strategies and conquer challenges which remain.

Guided by its commitment to excellence and educational equity, PGCPS is confident that proven strategies executed in tandem with new creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning – demanded by the current and evolving environment – will yield positive student outcomes in learning, achievement and holistic student development. A stronger, more agile PGCPS is emerging.

The entire community of PGCPS embodies a passion for excellence and equity in carrying out the mission of PGCPS. Disciplined execution, transparent and frequent progress monitoring, agile adaptation, and strategic resource investment is vital to our trans- formational success. PGCPS is poised and committed to working with all stakeholders to carry out its bold mission and provide all students with an environment in which they can innovate, thrive and excel toward bright futures. We take pride in charting the path toward thriving futures for our brilliant scholars, school district and communities. Together, we are #PGCPStrong!