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Wellness Wednesday Podcast: Mental Health Support for All!

Department of Student Services

The PGCPS Wellness Wednesday series aims to break down stigmas surrounding mental health, encourage open conversations and make mental health education and resources accessible to students, staff, families and the wider community. 

By normalizing these discussions, it is the goal that individuals are empowered to seek help when needed and that supportive environments where well-being is a priority become the norm.

Launched in fall 2022, the Department of Student Services first utilized webinars to share valuable insights on a range of issues, from bullying prevention to student mental healthattendance, grief and loss, and navigating the challenges of social media. These sessions provided attendees with valuable knowledge and resources, empowering them to address these issues in their own lives.

Now in podcast format, sessions have featured conversations with school staff and students on topics including: creating calm spaces and transitioning back to school and highlighting resources including Hazel Health teletherapystudent mental health clubs and young men’s mental health.

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