• PGCPS Logo Guidelines for Schools & Offices

    PGCPS Logo Guidelines for Schools & Offices

    For consistent branding and messaging in school and office publications and websites, please follow the logo use guidelines below.




    Full Color Logo (without“Great By ChoiceTM”)

    PGCPS Color Logo

    Download high-quality color .eps version

    Download color .png file version

    Download color .png version with transparent background


    Rectangle Logo (any color)

    PGCPS Rectangle




    Black & White Logo

    PGCPS logo in black

    Download high-quality black .eps version

    Download black .png version

    Download black .png version with transparent background


    “Children Come First” Logo

     PGCPS Children Come First

    Reverse (White) Logo  

    PGCPS Reverse Logo in White

    Download quality reverse (white) .eps version

    Download reverse (white) .png version 

    Download reverse (white) .png version with transparent background


    “Flames of Knowledge”Logo (with or without“Opportunities Abound”)

     PGCPS Knowledge Logo


    The graphic element of the logo may be used by itself with the full name of the school district and website, as shown below:
    PGCPS Banner samples