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Monitoring and Accountability

The mission of the Office of Monitoring and Accountability is to implement data structures which assure data integrity and utilize data to provide reliable, actionable information and cultivate a culture of data-based decision making to drive accountability toward improved student achievement.
14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

The Office of Monitoring and Accountability defines, steward, and champions the district’s accountability school performance processes, which includes the monitoring of student performance to inform the district’s instruction program. Assist schools in the creation of goal and objective-based school performance plans. Support schools’ and area offices’ capacity to create, follow, and monitor progress within those plans. Organize structures for holding schools and offices accountable for the work they perform and the effects of that work by harnessing the power of organizational learning for improved creativity, enriched collaboration, system knowledge sharing and operational effectiveness.

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Areas of Responsibility

  • Transform Accountability Data into information by providing decision makers with accurate, unbiased data to support the accountability efforts. 
  • Develop and manage data structures, data management processes and reporting systems used for accountability.
  • Lead the school performance planning process, including the delivery of professional learning and capacity building around the cycle of continuous school improvement for PGCPS.

Contact Information

Anthony Whittington
Chavon Matthews
Administrative Assistant
Benjamin Levinger
Data Management Accountability & Strategy Lead
Bruce Hislop
Data Technical Lead
Jennifer Martin-Johnson
Senior Technology Program Manager
Donyale Yorkshire
Business Systems Analyst
Felice N. DeSouza
Instructional Supervisor - Accountability
Courtni Ball
Instructional Specialist - Accountability
Kimberli Harrison
Instructional Specialist - Accountability
Rhonda Hawkins
Instructional Specialist – Accountability
William Simpson
Instructional Specialist - Accountability
Laura Liccione
Instructional Specialist - Improvement Science