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Grants Development

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin 

Through systemic grant development, SPRM, supports the mission of Prince George’s County Public Schools to provide a great education that empowers all students and contributes to thriving communities. To that end, SPRM works closely with PGCPS staff to identify resources to implement innovative and transformative social, emotional and academic enrichment programs to augment existing school-based programming.  

SPRM, as an integral department within the Division of Accountability, mirrors its grant development processes and procedures to that of the division’s mission to provide, manage and support transparent accountable measures.  

Pursing grant opportunities provides much needed resources to supplement (not supplant) existing fiduciary responsibilities to support PGCPS’ goal of “outstanding academic achievement for all students.”  

Who We Are 

SPRM works closely with PGCPS program staff to facilitate the development and submission of compelling grant applications in excess of $20,000; and to secure competitive grant awards that align with PGCPS’ strategic priorities (i.e., Academic Excellence, High Performing Workforce, Safe and Supportive Environments, Family and Community Engagement and Organizational Effectiveness).  

There are three core areas of grant development to include (1) strategic grant search (2) proposal development and (3) grant training.  

Grant Strategic Search 

SPRM Grants Development Staff will.... 

  • Search and identify grant opportunities that align with PGCPS' strategic focus areas 
  • Present grant opportunity information to appropriate PGCPS executive staff for consideration and/or 
  • Receive request for proposal development consultation from a PGCPS program staff  

Proposal Development

SPRM Grants Development Staff will…. 

  • Establish date/time for initial proposal development meeting 
  • Prepare a proposal development timeline 
  • Hold initial proposal development team meeting and conduct subsequent follow-up meetings as needed 
  • Receive draft copy of the proposal and edit the proposal to ensure that the proposal complies with the funder’s Request for Proposal/Application (RFP/A) guidelines 
  • Document, using the PGCPS Internal Grant Application/Report Signature Coversheet, 
  • Submit the proposal and provide copies of final proposal submission to program staff  

Grant Training 

SPRM Grants Development Staff…. 

Coordinate Program Concept Development Training Sessions to support program staff in identifying and prioritizing program activities requiring funding support for implementation. SPRM also creates Grants training tools allows for central office and school-based staff to access pre-recorded grants training PowerPoint presentations on key grant development topics to include but not limited to:

    1. Writing clear goals, objectives and outcomes
    2. Understanding key sections of a proposal
    3. Conducting effective grant search