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Middle School Sports

Sports Programs Offered:                  

Fall Sports Season: Baseball and Softball

Winter Sports Season: Boys and Girls Basketball, and Cheerleading

Spring Sports Season:   Boys and Girls Soccer

NFHS Goal for Middle School Student-Athletes and Parents

Our goal is to guide middle-level students, coaches, administrators, parents, community and collaborative stakeholders to work together to influence every student to realize their potential to become the best versions of themselves in a safe environment.  We believe middle-level Education-Based Activity Programs exist to connect students to the fabric and culture of the school which leads to academic and life-long success.





  1. Students in grades 6-8 must earn an overall quarter grade point average of a 2.0 in order to participate in athletics the following quarter.  Students entering 6th grade are exempt until the 1st quarter grading period is completed.
  2. Parents must complete the student/parent packet prior to tryouts.
  3. A physical exam form must be completed and returned to the schools athletic director. The physical exam        must  be completed by a licensed physician, certified physician’s assistant under the supervision of a licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner.