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Dependent Verification

Dependent Eligibility Verification

PGCPS has contracted with Bolton to perform ongoing dependent eligibility verification services. All employees who added/add new dependents to PGCPS’ group health plans (1) subsequent to February 1, 2015, (2) during this and subsequent open enrollment periods, and (3) throughout the benefits calendar year as a result of qualifying life event(s), will be required to provide verification of eligibility of their newly enrolled dependent(s). Employees will receive correspondence directly from Bolton and are encouraged to respond to such correspondence as soon as possible. Dependents who are not verified in accordance with the terms included in the correspondence received from Bolton will not be eligible for coverage on PGCPS’ group health plans.

Employees are strongly encouraged to remove ineligible dependents during open enrollment. Ineligible dependents include dependent children over the age of 26 (unless disabled), dependent children for whom the employee does not have guardianship or legal custody, common law spouses, or ex-spouses that have not been removed from the plan. The employee is responsible for notifying Benefits Services of any change that affects a dependent’s eligibility.

Employees who fail to provide timely notice (within 35 days of the qualifying event):

  • May be financially liable for outstanding claims for ineligible dependents;
  • May be financially liable for repayment of the Board’s share of paid health care premiums for ineligible dependents;
  • May be financially liable for repayment of claims paid for ineligible dependents;
  • May be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination.

Bolton Contact information
     Phone: 866-667-6612 available M-F, 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m. (EST)

Dependents who are removed from PGCPS’ group health plans due to a lack of or insufficient documentation will not be eligible for COBRA coverage.

Eligibility Definitions and Required Documents for Benefits Enrollment

Please check back frequently for additional updates and information.