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Academic Achievement Committee

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Committee Charge

The Academic Achievement Committee is charged with overseeing, on behalf of the Board of Education, the development and implementation of the school system’s academic programs, operations involving student affairs, and initiatives designed to ensure effective and timely parent and community engagement with the school system. The committee’s portfolio shall also include issues involving closing gaps in student academic performance, extra-curricular activities, improving outcomes in low performing schools and among underserved populations, enhancing outcomes for high-performing schools and students, and addressing issues involving educational equity. Upon adoption of academic, extracurricular and parent and community engagement policies by the Board of Education, the committee shall monitor the implementation of the policies. The chair of the Academic Achievement Committee, or their designee, shall serve as the Board’s liaison to the Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE).

Committee Membership

  • Dr. Zipporah Miller, Chair
  • Pamela Boozer Strother, Vice Chair
  • Branndon Jackson, Member
  • David Murray, Member
  • Madeline LaSalle Frazier, Member
  • Judy Mickens-Murray - ex officio Member