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Board Policy Enactment Process

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Policy Enactment Process

Board Policy Enactment Process.pdf

  1. Policy is recommended by either the Superintendent, Board Member or Policy & Governance (P&G) Committee for development / revision.
  2. Policy is drafted.
  3. Draft policy goes to the P&G Committee for discussion and recommendation for changes. [P&G Committee reviews the policy].
  4. Policy is revised and goes to the Office of General Counsel for legal review and then to the Superintendent for approval. [The Superintendent will create memorandum about policy].
  5. The P&G Committee will review the final revisions and if in agreement will vote to send it to the full board with the recommendation to seek public comment.
  6. Policy is posted online for two weeks for public comments.
  7. The P&G Committee reviews public comments. The Committee will either vote to send the Policy back for more revisions or move to the full board for approval as 1st Reader. #
  8. At the next Board meeting if the Policy is approved as First reader it will come back to the Board as Second Reader and the Board votes on it
  9. The Policy is considered enacted.
  10. Following this, the Chair of the Board sends out a memorandum to the Superintendent, indicating that the Policy has been enacted and needs to be posted on the website.
  11. Policy is published online.

# (Note: If the policy is revised based on the public comments, then the Board will send it to the full Board with a recommendation to send it back out for public comments again.)