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Parent and Community Advisory Council (PCAC)

The Parent and Community Advisory Council (PCAC) has been established based on Board Policy 1500. The PCAC will provide suggestive guidance and advice on issues pertaining to student academic achievement, parental and community engagement and public perception of PGCPS to the Board of Education.

The Board of Education-Parent and Community Advisory Council is comprised of 15 members to include (9) parent members; (4) entity representatives (faith-based, non-profit, civic organizations, labor union, or business sectors); and, (2) current school-level PGCPS employees (staff, faculty, or administration) members.To ensure broad representation, the applications for potential members will be evaluated on a variety of factors, including BOE area of residence, interest and experience.  


To advise the Superintendent and Board of Education, providing insights and practical advice to aid in implementing sustainable practices through proactive, stimulating, high-quality conversations. The Parent and Community Advisory Council advises during and after the decision-making process to support the academic achievement of every student.


A culture of inclusion where family engagement practices are embedded in PGCPS policies, practices and standards, empowering all stakeholders with the tools to support student academic achievement.


The mission of the Parent and Community Advisory Council is to cultivate collaboration between all PGCPS constituents with a key focus on engagement practices that promote equitable participation between parents and the school district as partners in education. PCAC seeks to empower all stakeholders to engage in effective, multidirectional communication, follow continuous improvement practices that ensure every student excels academically, while collectively creating a safe, engaging school environment where voices are elevated to bring about positive change.

Contact PCAC

Send an email to


  • District 1 – Vacant
  • District 2 – Ms. Latanza Wilson
  • District 3 – Mr. T. Carter Ross (Recording Secretary)
  • District 4 – Vacant
  • District 5 – Dr. Paris Adon
  • District 6 – Ms. Theresa C. Smith
  • District 7 – Ms. Delores Millhouse (Chair)
  • District 8 – Ms. Kyra Walker
  • District 9 – Vacant
  • Superintendent Representative – Dr. Sheila Jackson
  • Superintendent Representative – Mrs. Robin Welsh
  • Business Representative – Mr. Will Epps 
  • Civic/Community Representative – Mrs. Carletta Lundy
  • Faith Based Representative – Rev. Dr. Orlando Jermaine Bego
  • Union Representative – Ms. Rebekah Brown

Submit an Application or Nomination for Membership

Nominate someone for membership

The nomination form is for community members who believe they know someone who would be a great addition to the PCAC. Submit that person's name and information for us to follow up with an email and application suggesting they consider applying.

Apply for membership

The application form is for those who are interested in joining the PCAC. 

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