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Facilities Design

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The Design team works to ensure all capital projects at PGCPS result in safe, inviting learning environments that enhance academic success, optimally utilize facilities, and achieve our sustainability goals. The Design team supports the department by interpreting and ensuring the approving agencies' insights are incorporated into designs. The team also develops, evaluates, and interprets different specifications and guidelines for academic spaces.


Educational Specifications

These academic requirements of the built environment are developed by the Planning Office, finalized by the Design Office, and managed and implemented by the Project Management Office for each project.

In February 2015, the Board of Education approved Educational Specification prototypes for elementary, middle, and high schools. These prototypes help provide transparency and consistency when developing individualized school specifications for new construction or renovation projects outlined in the PGCPS Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The specification prototypes also provide guidance for determining the appropriate number of rooms and space standards for school renovation and new construction in Prince George's County. Because they align to standards for determining State Rated Capacity (SRC), as well as local enrollment standards for existing and future schools, they assist in determining future boundary changes, school additions, consolidations, or closures.

Each school prototype (elementary, middle and high) includes spaces for general education courses, as well as a range of optional programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. These options include such programs as English as a Second Language (ESL), co-teaching, and special education. Specifications for athletic areas, health suites, media centers, and other programs meet both state and PGCPS guidelines and standards.

Building Specifications

These sets of guidelines and specifications provide recommendations, standards, and instructions on the division of construction, such as the structural, mechanical, and electrical standards each project must be built to.

Facility Guideline Specifications

Design Stages

Once Planning Approval is granted, a project enters the Design Phase. An architectural company is selected to design and create construction documents to implement the project. Also, the Project Planning Committee, which was created in Planning, remains active throughout the phases below.

Finalization of Educational Specifications

Each project will have specific or unique academic requirements and, therefore, has specific educational specifications that are finalized once the project enters design.

Schematic Design Stage

Schematic designs are typically in a narrative form and begin to map out the basic site plan of the project, including the exterior, interior, and systems of the building.

Design Development Stage

During Design Development, architects expand upon the schematic plans and incorporate more specific details required for construction.

Construction Documents Stage

Construction Documents are the final set of plans for the project. These documents provide all the details required to build the project and are used to prepare the blueprints for construction and bid.

Facilities Design & Permitting Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title
Dawn Holton Senior Mechanical Engineer
Pershey Drayton CADD Operator
George Dreszer CADD Operator
Victor Johnson
Project Design/Inspection/Code Review Coordinator
Ron Skyles Architectural Project Manager