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Cool Spring Annex-Judy Hoyer

Funding Model
Staged Renovation
Project Type
Gilbert Architects
General Contractor
Project Manager
Joseph Howell

School Information

Laura Carr-Degen
8910 Riggs Road, Adelphi, MD 20783
School Board District
District 3
County Council District
District 2
State Legislative District
District 47

Project Timeline

Project Scope

Phase I

Construction of a new school in front of the existing Cool Spring Elementary School while the existing school is in operation. The proposed school, including the Judy Center is anticipated to be three floors and accommodate 900 students. The new school will be built to be energy efficient and meet all current building and accessibility codes.

Phase II

After completion of the new school, the school portion of the existing building will be demolished and a new building will be constructed consisting of a Therapy Pool, Central Administration spaces for ESOL, International Admissions, Bilingual, and Translation services as well as the community program for Family Support Center.

Phase III

Staff for the Phase II spaces will move in. Afterward the old convent building will be demolished and final sitework will be completed including site access and playfield improvements.

News & Announcements

There are currently no announcements for this project.

Project Updates

June 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • Permitting and planning are ongoing.
  • PGCPS provided responses to the review comments by the IAC on June 21, 2024.
  • The RFP for procurement of Construction Management Services was finalized to be put out for bidding.

July Lookahead

  • The RFP will be put out for bidding.
  • A construction manager will be obtained.

April 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • Educational specifications were approved by the Board on January 11, 2024, and are currently under review by the State.
  • Feasibility Study is completed and approved by the Board.
  • The Schematic Design phase confirming the project's areas, physical requirements, square footage, total project budget, and schedule was completed and is under review by the State.
  • A Request for Proposals for professional construction manager (CM) services was developed and sent out for responses.

May Lookahead

  • The Design Development phase will continue.
  • Meetings with PGCPS, IAC, and school leadership will continue.
  • Construction Manager Services to be bid and awarded.

February 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • The feasibility study and educational specifications have been approved by the Board of Education.

February Lookahead

  • The guaranteed maximum price contract will be finalized to obtain construction management services.

November 2023

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • The Feasibility study is completed and submitted for BOE approval at the October Board Meeting.

Next Month's Lookahead

  • Educational Specifications will be completed.
  • Schematic design will continue.
  • Meetings with PGCPS and School Leadership will occur.

Documents & Presentations

Project Update Meeting - 04/24/2024 | Recording; Presentation (English, Spanish, French); Q&A (English, Spanish, French)

Project Information Town Hall - 10/25/2023 | Recording; Presentation (English, Spanish, French); Q&A (English, Spanish, French)