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James Madison Middle School

James Madison design illustration
Funding Model
Project Type
Systems Replacement
Leuterio Thomas LLC
General Contractor
Protec Construction
Project Manager
Anoop Gupta

School Information

Beverly Botchway
7300 Woodyard Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Upper Marlboro
School Board District
District 9
County Council District
District 4
State Legislative District
District 23

Project Timeline

James Madison Timeline.png

Project Scope

Phase 1 of the major renovation of James Madison Middle School (JMMS) consists of building envelope air quality improvements, including the replacement of all exterior existing windows, window shades, and all exterior storefront systems, and the installation of all new exterior hollow metal frames and doors including hardware, new waterline piping with new meter for new fully sprinkled building, and rough-in work for new fire alarm system.

Phase 2 of the major renovation of James Madison Middle School consists of the complete replacement of the building’s HVAC system, improvement to the building envelope, ceiling replacement, lighting, and electrical upgrades, update to the fire alarm system, new fire suppression system, and interior architectural upgrades.

News & Announcements

  • The James Madison project was recently highlighted in the March 2024 edition of the Department of Capital Programs newsletter. Read the project's update in the newsletter here.


Project Updates

June 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • The move vendor was finalized.
  • Salvaging of furniture, the walk-in freezer, and other items from William Wirt Middle School was completed to be sent to James Madison Middle School.
  • Painting in the interior classrooms, principal administrative areas, and other facilities is in progress.
  • HVAC work reached 95% completion, and commissioning work reached 75% completion.
  • DPIE fire alarm inspections are in progress.
  • Contractor training on newly installed equipment was scheduled for PGCPS staff.
  • Coordination with the Warehouse Department in preparation for the move is ongoing.

July Lookahead

  • Final cleaning and floor waxing will be completed by the PGCPS Facilities Department.
  • All DPIE inspections will be completed.
  • Substantial completion of the project is expected.
  • Coordination with the move vendor will continue, and the move back to the James Madison building will begin.
  • Moving of the principal's administrative office and school records with the Registrar will be completed.
  • Coordination with the Information Technology Department's Technology Integration and Support team and the Department of Transportation will continue.

April 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • New Mechanical Equipment was installed and started up including the chiller, RTU’s, DOAS, FCU’s, convectors, kitchen hood systems, make-up air, exhaust fans, and pumps).
  • New sprinkler systems and FA systems were installed and started up.
  • All light fixtures and low-voltage devices were installed on the new ceiling systems.
  • New steel dunnage and concrete pads for equipment were installed and inspected.
  • All new exterior storefront systems, windows, and hollow metal frames, doors, and hardware were installed.
  • Hazardous materials at pipe, ducts, and openings were removed and inspected.
  • Sprinkler and fire alarm systems pre-testing is ongoing.
  • Testing, balancing, grading, and insulation is ongoing.
  • Installation of motion sensors and exit signs commissioning is underway.

May Lookahead

  • Final inspection by the Fire Marshal will be completed.
  • Commissioning, Training, and Demonstration will begin.
  • A fence around the mechanical equipment will be installed.

February 2024

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • All existing openings, including storefronts, windows, and hollow metal frames and doors, were abated and demolished. 
  • New storefronts, windows, hollow metal frames and doors, and new window shades were installed.
  • Concrete pads for mechanical equipment were excavated and poured.
  • Existing piping and ducts were abated and demolished.
  • Steel dunnage for the new rooftop HVAC equipment was installed.
  • Exterior sprinkler site work was completed and inspected by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).
  • Commissioning of HVAC system work began.

February Lookahead

  • Installation of the new dual temperature system will be completed.
  • Gas piping, ductwork, and insulation throughout the school will be completed.
  • Installation and testing of the new kitchen hood systems and work on the walk-in freezer will be completed.
  • Installation and testing of the new HVAC equipment will be completed.
  • ACT and gypsum ceiling system installation throughout the building will be completed.
  • Installation of mechanical equipment, including the chiller, RTUs, DOAs, FCUs, VAVs, and convectors will continue.
  • Installation of the interior sprinkler systems, new fire alarm systems, and the building automation system will be completed.
  • DPIE inspections of the sprinkler systems, electrical systems, and underground utilities are expected.
  • Commissioning of the HVAC system to continue.
  • Planning for the school population's relocation from Forestville back to James Madison will begin.
  • Coordination with IT and Comcast will continue.

November 2023

Past Month's Accomplishments

  • Abated and demolished all existing openings, including storefronts, windows, and hollow metal frames/doors.
  • Installed new storefronts, windows, hollow metal frames/doors, and new window shades.
  • Excavated and poured concrete pads for mechanical equipment (Grade).
  • Abated and demolished existing piping and ducts.
  • Installed a new steel dunnage for the new HVAC equipment on the roof.
  • Exterior sprinkler site work has been completed and inspected by WSSC.

Next Month's Lookahead

  • Installation of new dual temperature and gas piping, ductwork, and insulation throughout the school.
  • Installation of a new kitchen hood systems
  • Installation of new HVAC equipment, new ACT and Gypsum Ceiling systems throughout the building, and mechanical equipment, including the chiller, RTUs, DOAs, FCUs, kitchen hood systems, VAVs, and convectors.
  • Installation of interior sprinkler systems, new Fire Alarm Systems, and the Building Automation System.

Documents & Presentations

Project Update Meeting - 04/22/2024 | Recording; Presentation (English, Spanish, French); Q&A (English, Spanish, French)

Project Update Meeting - 10/30/2023 | Recording; Presentation (English, Spanish, French); Q&A (English, Spanish, French)

Swing Plan Information Session - 02/22/2023 | Recording; Presentation (English, Spanish, French); Q&A (English, Spanish, French)