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Course: Advanced Placement Calculus (AB)

School Type:
High School
School Max Description:
Adv Plac Calculus AB
Content Area:
Career Academies and Programs of Study: Transportation
This is a college-level course in differential and integral calculus, equivalent to one semester of calculus at most universities. Topics include a review of functions, an introduction to limits and continuity, derivatives and their applications, integrals and their applications, anti-derivatives and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and an introduction to differential equations using slope fields. There is an emphasis on conceptual understanding and working with functions represented graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. The TI-84 graphing calculator is used extensively. The Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam is expected of all students in this course.
Course Code:
Pre-Calculus; Application and orientation session
Math, Weighted
Dual Enrollment Compatible Course:
Yes, Earning credit for MAT 2410 Calculus 1 at Prince George’s Community College makes a student eligible for 380023 Calculus AB DE credit.
NCAA Eligible:
Grading Factors:

 Learn more about our grading factors. (Administrative Procedure 5121)