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641213, 641233, 641243, 641283, 641293 Advanced Orchestra

School Type:
High School
School Max Description:
Advanced Orchestra
Content Area:
Music: Instrumental
This class has a performance based curriculum which requires participation in performances which occur outside of school hours. Emphasizing a high standard of musical excellence in the preparation and performance of orchestral literature, the orchestra provides an opportunity for string instrumentalists to continue their instruction and to gain performing experience on a daily basis. Small group or ensemble instruction should be scheduled. This class is subject to the approval of the instrumental teacher in order to insure appropriate placement.
Course Code:
641213, 641233, 641243, 641283, 641293
Audition and/or teacher approval
1.0 Fine Art
Dual Enrollment Compatible Course:
NCAA Eligible:
Advanced Technique for Strings, Essentials for Strings, Essential Elements Bk. IV, Daily Warm ups for Strings, High Tech for Strings and advanced ensemble literature; MODA IV, V, or VI
Grading Factors:

 Learn more about our grading factors. (Administrative Procedure 5121)