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Course: Construction Core

School Type:
High School
School Max Description:
Construction Core
Content Area:
Career Academies and Programs of Study: Architecture and Design
The course of study includes demonstration of student mastery of the following topics: Basic Safety - personal protective equipment, performance safety, and what to do if an accident occurs; Introduction to Construction Math - prepares students to do the calculations they will perform on the job site; Introduction to Hand Tools - covers basic tools, equipment used in the field, maintenance instructions and safety tips; Introduction to Power Tools - provides instructions for tools powered by electricity, batteries, and pressurized air, such as drills, saws, grinders and sanders, and other common construction equipment, maintenance instructions and safety tips; Introduction to Blueprints - introduces students to different types of plans and how they represent a finished building. Shows the parts of blueprint in detail, including symbols, title block, and gridlines; Basic Rigging - covers the slings, hardware, hoists, and hitches used in rigging operations, critical safety issues and accepted rigging techniques and practices; Hands-On Experiences - provides hands-on experiences in each of the trades areas, Carpentry, Masonry, Construction Electricity and/or HVAC so that students can gain a working knowledge of the construction industry.
Course Code:
Construction Program Admission
Dual Enrollment Compatible Course:
NCAA Eligible:
NCCERCONNECT 2.0 with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- For Core Curriculum Trainee Guide
Grading Factors:

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