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Course: Carpentry 1

School Type:
High School
School Max Description:
Carpentry 1
Content Area:
Career Academies and Programs of Study: Architecture and Design
The course of study for Carpentry I (Level I) includes demonstration of student mastery of the following topics: Wood Building Materials, Fasteners, and Adhesives - Sources and uses of various softwoods and hardwoods, the grading systems for lumber and plywood, the composition and uses of various engineered sheet materials and laminated lumber products, and fasteners and adhesives used with wood and masonry; Hand and Power Tools - detailed descriptions and explanations of the use of hand-operated and power tools used by carpenters, emphasizing safe and proper operation of tools as well as care and maintenance; Floor Systems - covers framing basics as well as the procedures for laying out and constructing a wood floor using common lumber as well as engineered building materials; Wall and Ceiling Framing -describes the procedures for laying out and framing walls and ceilings, including roughing-in door and window openings, constructing corners and partition Ts, bracing wall and ceilings, and applying sheathing; Roof Framing - describes the various kinds of roof and instructions for laying out rafters for gable roofs, hip roofs, and valley intersections including both stick-built and truss-built roofs; Windows and Exterior Doors - describes the various types of windows, skylights, and exterior doors, and provides instruction for installing them. Also includes instruction for installing weather-stripping and locksets.
Course Code:
Construction Core
Carpentry CTE
Dual Enrollment Compatible Course:
NCAA Eligible:
Carpentry Level 1, NCCERCONNECT 2.0 with Pearson eText -- Access Card
Grading Factors:

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