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International Baccalaureate Dance 1

School Type:
High School
School Max Description:
International Baccalaureate Dance 1
Content Area:
International Baccalaureate
Dance is a unique medium for learning about self and the world. It is one essential component of artistic, aesthetic and cultural education, and develops creative potential through physical expression. In dance, the integration of body, mind and spirit helps participants learn skills that are transferable to other disciplines and to their daily lives. The IB dance program aims for a holistic approach to dance and embraces a variety of dance traditions and dance cultures—past, present and looking towards the future. Performance, creative and analytical skills are mutually developed and valued whether the students are writing papers or creating/performing dances. The curriculum provides students with a liberal arts orientation to dance. This orientation facilitates the development of students who may become choreographers, dance scholars, performers or those, more broadly, who seek life enrichment through dance. In IB Dance 1, students will focus on the fundamentals of dance, develop technical ability, as well as explore the world of dance. They will begin preparation for personal and group performances.
Course Code:
Dance 1 or Dance 2
1.0 Fine Art; Weighted
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