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Power in Diversity: Support for Newcomers

Diversity Students on Stage Around 2023 Sign.jpg

60 seniors recently celebrated completion of the Mi Refugio program at Northwestern High School! The school-based program of La Clínica del Pueblo, Mi Refugio serves immigrant students and their families with wrap-around services including therapy, school navigation and academic support for young immigrant newcomers.

“Mi Refugio has been a safe space,” said Northwestern High School senior Meritxel Barrera, who arrived in the United States from El Salvador in 2020. “When I needed assistance with academics and was having a difficult time, they were there for me. Being in this program really changed my high school experience for the better.”

Zuleyma Hernandez, also from El Salvador, said Mi Refugio connected her with a community of students with whom she was able to identify.

“It feels like home,” Zuleyma said. “They helped me throughout my senior year, in preparing for graduation, and opportunities beyond.”