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News Release: PGCPS Announces Partnership for AI Education

UPPER MARLBORO, MD  — Today, Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) announced a groundbreaking three-year partnership with The AI Education Project (aiEDU) following a district-wide teacher training event with over 150 educators on Monday. This partnership aims to ensure that all students, teachers, staff and school leaders are equipped to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership will feature a range of programs, including professional learning for educators, staff, and school leaders, as well as outreach aimed at providing parents and other members of the community with opportunities to better understand AI and what it means for them.

"We believe that the best pathway to system-wide AI readiness is through leadership by school districts and other key organizations in the US education ecosystem,” said Alex Kotran, CEO of aiEDU. "The MOU with PGCPS is a significant milestone for aiEDU, marking our largest-ever district collaboration. The work in Prince George's County will make the district a flagship partner and a national pioneer for AI readiness in K12 schools."

An important component of the partnership is supporting the PGCPS administration as it works to develop policies that enable the safe and responsible use of AI in school settings, including guidance for the use of language models by teachers, students, and administrative staff. 

“Over my career, I’ve seen how technological advances have transformed our society,” said Millard House II, Prince George’s County Public Schools Superintendent. “Artificial intelligence, especially language models and the tools they power, appears to be another game-changing technology, and we want to ensure our students and educators are on the front foot.”

aiEDU will be hiring dedicated staff who will be working directly in and with PGCPS to support curriculum development and implementation of aiEDU’s free learning products. These include a range of short to medium-length activities and projects that excite and inspire students to learn about and use AI.

The program is fully funded by a three-year, $1 million grant from the Pull Up Fund, an organization dedicated to pulling up to underserved communities in Prince George's County and connecting them with the resources they need to thrive.

“When I first learned about aiEDU and read their curricula, I saw an opportunity for PGCPS to take a proactive approach to AI in the classroom,” said Pull Up Fund manager Sam Brin. “As a proud alum, I'm excited for PGCPS to emerge as a leader and help set the bar for AI education and readiness."

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About Prince George's County Public Schools

Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS), one of the nation's 20th largest school districts, has 198 schools and centers, more than 131,000 students and nearly 20,000 employees. The school system serves a diverse student population from urban, suburban and rural communities located in the Washington, DC suburbs. PGCPS is nationally recognized for college and career-readiness programs that provide students with unique learning opportunities, including dual enrollment and language immersion.

About The AI Education Project

The AI Education Project ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that creates equitable learning experiences that excite and empower students with AI literacy. We believe that everyone—especially those who are likely to be disproportionately impacted by AI systems—should have access to the conceptual knowledge and skills they need to thrive as workers, creators, consumers, and citizens. aiEDU was founded in 2019, and has been selected for four leading accelerators, including Techstars, Fast Forward, the Columbia University eLab, and AT&T Aspire.