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News Release: Pointer Ridge Elementary School to Remain Open as PGCPS Regional Autism Center

January 12, 2024
For Immediate Release

Office of Communications

UPPER MARLBORO, MD — Aligned with a recommendation by Superintendent Millard House II, the Prince George's County Board of Education unanimously voted in favor of keeping Pointer Ridge Elementary School open following an extensive review process, community touchpoints and review of the district's 2022 Comprehensive Boundary Initiative.

Originally slated for closure next school year, Pointer Ridge will now play a vital role in addressing the needs of special education learners within the district. Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, the school will serve as a site for a regional Autism program, underlining the district’s commitment to supporting special education students through innovative strategies in staffing, facilities and resource allocation.

“Keeping Pointer Ridge open to continue serving local families while also being a dedicated space for students with autism is truly a win-win,” said Superintendent House. “This decision reflects our commitment not only to meeting the needs of our special education learners in new ways, but also to maximizing utilization of our school spaces to benefit all students. Community engagement and collaboration were instrumental in helping us reimagine Pointer Ridge — and I will continue to rely on the input of those we serve when making decisions that best serve PGCPS.”

The decision to keep Pointer Ridge open aligns with the Superintendent's 90-day report, which emphasizes both community engagement and exploring new approaches to support special education students.

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