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Other Maryland Institutions

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Students are able to attend any Maryland public college or university. Prior to enrolling in other Maryland institutions, students must complete the PGCPS online Intent to Enroll form by the general Dual Enrollment deadline date indicated in the document.  In addition, a Dual Enrollment application for the college or university of interest must be submitted to that institution along with any required supplemental information. (The Intent to Enroll form deadline may be before the institution's application deadline)  Below are some of our MD institution's Dual Enrollment websites and applications for reference. 

PGCPS students applying to schools Prince George’s Community College should:

  • Complete the online PGCPS Intent to Enroll form for the institution they are interested in attending.  Due by April 22, 2024 for the 2024 Summer & Fall semesters
  • Complete a dual enrollment application for the desired institution and provide proof of application to their high school counselor.
  • Each institution’s full application process including deadlines and test score minimums is unique, so students should contact that institution’s Office of Admissions for more information on their dual enrollment application process.

Dual Enrollment Intent to Enroll Form

Other Maryland Institutions

The schools listed are where the majority of PGCPS students enroll; this is not the complete list of eligible colleges. For colleges not listed, please contact the school directly for application information.

Dual Enrollment Dual Credit Requests

Students wishing to receive dual credit for courses, not on existing Dual Credit lists or courses from a Maryland institution other than Bowie State University and Prince George's Community College must submit an online request. Requests with uploaded syllabi must be completed 30 days prior to the start date of the course for approval.

Science and Technology (ST)/AEAT Elective Credit Request

Science & Technology/AEAT Elective Credit Request Form

This form is intended for students who currently participate in the Science & Technology/AEAT Program at their high school and wish to receive a Science and Technology elective credit for a college course taken through the dual enrollment program. The completed request must be submitted at least 45 days before starting the course.  If you would like to request dual credit only (both high school and college credit that counts towards your graduation requirements) and the college course does not appear on one of our dual credit lists please complete the Dual Credit Request form.

The Dual Enrollment Program Summer and Fall 2024 universal deadline to apply to Prince George’s Community College or submission of Intent to Enroll form for all other Maryland colleges/universities is April 22, 2024.