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What are the Judy Centers?

A Judy Center is a place where community-based agencies and organizations collaborate under one roof to serve children and their families within or near a school. This integrated approach promotes school readiness through early childhood care and education as well as family support and health programs.

The Judy Center owes its beginnings to the work of the Prince George’s Interagency Early Childhood Committee. This ground-breaking group was founded and chaired by Judith P. Hoyer, who dedicated her life to improving the lives of young children and their families. They originated the concept of co-locating agencies to create a service center which would best serve children and families through collaborative partnerships. This initial step evolved into the “Judy Center” when the State of Maryland adopted it as a model to be developed and replicated across all the counties of Maryland.

The Adelphi location was the first Judy Center. Presently there are fifty-two throughout the State of Maryland.

“The most crucial responsibility of any community is the protection, education and mentoring of its children.” -Judith P. Hoyer