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Asbestos Management

Mask and goggles

 Asbestos Abatement  Activities

The school system is licensed by the State of Maryland to remove and/or encapsulate asbestos materials. Maryland regulates all friable materials and any non-friable materials which may become friable during renovation, demolition or asbestos removal projects.  Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (A.H.E.R.A.) regulations require school systems to identify all asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and to track activities performed on them. This includes ensuring that any work performed is done by accredited workers as well as having clearance air sampling reports and disposal manifests for the material(s) removed. Basically, we have to account for all ACM identified when the buildings were inspected.

We are required to notify the State and the Maryland Department of Energy 10 working days prior to starting a NESHAP size project. This includes non-friable materials that may become friable. The form is self-explanatory. The original goes to the Maryland Department of the Environment and a copy to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Via the mail. Faxing copies is frowned on. The addresses are:


 Maryland Department of the Environment                              
 Air & Radiation Management Administration                           
 Division of Asbestos Licensing & Enforcement                       
 1800 Washington Blvd.                
 Baltimore, Maryland 21230 


U. S. E. P. A.
Region III
841 Chestnut Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107

On NESHAP sized projects, we usually meet with the building's principal and/or staff to discuss the project prior to beginning any work. We prepare a draft "Dear Parent/Guardian/Staff Member"  letter (site & project-specific) for the notification purposes. Every effort is made to have our in-house crew perform work in occupied buildings.

We also prepare specifications and evaluate bids for contracted asbestos work. Environmental Office personnel monitor all asbestos abatement activities.

Copies of clearance sampling reports and waste disposal manifests for in-house projects must be sent to the MDE as soon as they are available. Contractors are responsible for submitting these documents for projects they perform. We provide copies of clearance sampling reports to the contractor, and he/she must submit a waste manifest before the final payment is authorized. Copies of all air testing and disposal manifests are required to be inserted in the Building's Asbestos Management Plan.

On smaller sized jobs (less than NESHAP), crews are supposed to submit an ASBESTOS WORK NOTIFICATION/AUTHORIZATION form to the Environmental Office prior to working on more than 3 square or 3 linear feet of asbestos-containing material. Environmental Office personnel verifies the submitted information and permission to proceed is given as long as the work can be accomplished safely. Emergency jobs in this category must be called into the Environmental Office prior to beginning work. The above-mentioned paperwork is to be completed and sent as soon as possible. Maintenance employees are allowed to do jobs consisting of less than 3 square or 3 linear feet without prior authorization as long as they follow the Maintenance Department Asbestos Work Policy and Procedures document. All required paperwork must be submitted after the work is completed.                 

Asbestos Training of Employees

We solicit prices for all regulated classes as part of our yearly Industrial Hygienist Services account. Most training occurs in January. Abatement workers can not perform any removal activities if their certification lapses. There is a one-year grace period for retraining without the affected person having to retake the complete class. However, that individual is prohibited from removing materials other than small scale, short duration type of work.

Operational and maintenance activities (normal work around asbestos materials) can be done by anyone who has received 16 hours of asbestos training. The State requires yearly re-certification for O & M workers; however, our employees do not fall under that prerequisite since all removal of friable asbestos material is undertaken by the Abatement Crew. Additionally, our maintenance employees deal mostly with non-friable materials that aren't regulated in Maryland (unless rendered friable). A price for this class is solicited with the In House Services Contract.               

Asbestos (A.H.E.R.A.) Inspections

Mandated (A.H.E.R.A.) asbestos inspections are performed by the inspectors assigned to the Environmental Office. The law requires all facilities to be reinspected once, every three years. We perform the required inspection in one-third of the systems' buildings each year. The Asbestos Management Plans are updated accordingly.

Six Month Surveillance Activities

The (A.H.E.R.A.) mandated six-month surveillance activities are performed by the inspectors assigned to the Environmental Office. 

Notice of Availability of Asbestos Management Plans

In accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the PGCPS Environmental Office has prepared asbestos management plans for all schools and support buildings. The asbestos management plans list the amount, location and condition of asbestos-containing material in the respective building, including diagrams and the results of laboratory analysis.

The asbestos management plans were prepared by PGCPS personnel specially trained and accredited to assess the risk posed by asbestos-containing materials.

PGCPS asbestos management plans are available to the public for review. The management plans are located in the administrative office at each school, as well as in the Facilities Administration Building, 13300 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772. Please contact the PGCPS Building Services at (301) 952-6500 to make an appointment to review the plans.

If you have any questions regarding the PGCPS asbestos management plans, please contact Building Services, at (301) 952-6500.