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ESOL Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Information

The ESOL Strategic Plan was initiated in July of 2021. The Strategic Plan outlines the development and implementation of methods to improve the educational experience of ELD students and their families.

Please review the Strategic Plan Progress Review, the Strategic Plan Progress Report and the full ESOL Strategic Plan document for more information.

Strategic Plan Progress Review

Progress Highlights

  • Implementation of Quarter 2 speaking and writing assessments for Multilingual Learners (MLs) across all schools
  • Robust implementation of the Six Keys strategies in elementary schools and developing implementation in secondary schools
    • Six Key Strategies 
      • Visual Supports
      • Sentence Starter/Frames
      • Learning by Doing
      • Direct Vocabulary Instruction
      • Modified Graphic Organizers
      • Collaborative Conversations
  • Readiness activities for two new secondary ELD programs are progressing as planned
  • ELD school-based staffing pipelines are strong (e.g., 31% of people who attended the ELD job fair were eligible and came through an ELD Office pipeline) with the continued expansion of pathways into ELD for new and current PGCPS teachers.

Looking at this past school year, we were focused on further integration of efforts across grade levels–anchored on the ELD Six Key Strategies and in partnership with Area and Content offices. Additionally, we are hopeful that long-term investments and ongoing efforts to develop ELD talent pipelines will yield a promising candidate pool for hires amidst a challenging time for teacher recruitment.

For leadership consideration, the linked strategy across all content and ELD teachers for continuing to improve ELD student outcomes and exit rates in elementary and secondary schools is anchored on the ELD Six Key Strategies. Recently, the ELD team presented to the entire elementary area on the strategies, resources, and supports given the emphasis on School Performance Plans (SPPs) and the fact that ELs were significantly impacted by remote learning during COVID in PGCPS and nationally.

To support recovery and acceleration, we will continue to support schools (specifically focused on content teachers) to implement the Six Keys over a 2-4 year period, which research indicates is the typical time to fully implement a new practice in a school.

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