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Parent Engagement Assistant Overview

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Parent Engagement Assistant School Contact Information

The Parent Engagement Assistant (PEA) position - formerly known as Parent Liaison - was instituted for FY2015 under the central supervision and direction of the newly established Department of Family and School Partnerships. The Parent Engagement Assistant (PEA) will support assigned schools by working closely with school system staff, parents/families, community groups and business partners to support effective teaching and learning. PEAs will implement research-based strategies focused on literacy for increasing student achievement.

The principal is responsible for providing dedicated space in the school to support the work of the PEA. The Parent Engagement Assistant will use the dedicated space to meet with parents, community and business partners in order to develop and implement effective partnership activities to support all learners. The PEA will also develop and present family engagement workshops for school-based staff and families focused on literacy. Ultimately, the PEA serves as a liaison that:

  • Educates teachers and staff on how to communicate and work effectively with parents/families as equal partners;
  • Advises and trains parents on how to address concerns with staff in school meetings;
  • Provides referrals to community-based services for families;
  • Expands opportunities for continued learning, voluntary community service and civic participation;
  • Develops community collaborations;
  • Promotes sharing of power with parents as decision-makers; and
  • Helps parents/families understand the educational system so they can become better advocates for their children's education.

The Parent Engagement Assistant demonstrates the ability to communicate and work with all families. Fluency in both English and other commonly spoken language(s) identified in the school is preferred as this position requires effective oral, reading and writing in languages of the school community.

In FY2015, school system funding afforded the district’s executive leadership team the opportunity to place PEAs in sixty-three schools identified as having English Language Learner populations above 30 percent.