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All persons who are determined to be a "lobbyist" must register with the Office of General Counsel.

(excerpt from Board Policy #0107)

  1. A person shall file a lobbying registration statement with the Panel or office designated by the Panel if the person:
    1. Personally appears before any school official or employee with the intent to influence that person in performance of the official duties of the official or employee; and
    2. In connection with the intent to influence expends or reasonably expects to expend in a given calendar year in excess of $25 on food, entertainment or other gifts for officials and employees of the Board or school system.
  2.  A person shall file a registration statement required under this section on or before the latter of January 15 of the calendar year or within five days after first performing an act that requires registration in the calendar year.
  3. The registration statement shall identify the registrant; any other person on whose behalf the registrant acts; and the subject matter on which the registrant proposes to make appearance specified in subsection 1 of this section.
  4. Within 30 days after the end of a calendar year during which a person was registered under this section, the person shall file a report with the panel or office designated by the Panel disclosing the value, date, and nature of any food, entertainment or other gift provided to a school official or employee; and if a gift or series of gifts to a single official or employee exceeds $100 in value, the identity of the official or employee.
  5. The Panel or office designated by the Panel shall maintain the registrations and reports filed under this section as public records available for public inspection and copying.