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Parents & Caregivers

About Home & Hospital Teaching

Home and Hospital Teaching is the provision of temporary instructional support (not to exceed 60 calendar days) to medically qualified school-aged students enrolled in Prince George's County Public Schools.  

Home and hospital teaching does not replicate classroom instruction or Online Academy programming. Full-time home and hospital students will receive a minimum of 6 hours of instruction. Intermittent home and hospital students will receive a minimum of 3 hours of instruction.  A modification of the student's schedule may be necessary depending upon the severity of the student's health needs.

Services are provided in the home, hospital, or therapeutic setting. The student’s school of enrollment provides books and assignments for the home teacher to use to support educational continuity.

Delivery of services can be on-line, face-to face or a combination of both depending on the ability level, selected coursework and needs of the student. Maryland State Department of Education requires home and hospital teachers to have a bachelor's degree; therefore home and hospital teachers may not hold a teaching certification in the area of instruction.  

Home & Hospital Brochure (English)

Home & Hospital Brochure (Spanish)

Initiate the Process

If your child is unable to attend school due to a physical or emotional condition, please contact the Professional School Counselor at your child's school.

Administrative Procedure

Administrative Procedure 5011 - Home and Hospital Teaching