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Home and Hospital Teaching for Professional School Counselors/PGCPS Employees

high school students working in a group

Referral Form for PGCPS Employee:   

Home and Hospital Teaching Referral Form (DSS21)  

Physical Condition Medical Verification Forms (DSS-22) 

Forms should NOT be completed more than 15 days prior to the date the doctor indicates HHT services should begin. 

Physical Condition Medical Verification (DSS 22)

Physical Condition Medical Verification (DSS22)- Spanish 

Physical Condition Medical Verification (DSS22)- French

Emotional Condition Medical Verification Forms (DSS22A)

Emotional Condition Verification Form (DSS22A)

Emotional Condition Verification Form (DSS22A)- Spanish 

Emotional Condition Verification Form (DSS22A)- French

Transition Plan Directions

Transition Plan

Professional School Counselors Reference Guide

Office of HHT Reference Guide for Employees 

Employees should review this document to become familiar with the Office of Home and Hospital Teaching regulations, procedures and frequently asked questions. 

Classroom Teacher Guidelines

Home and Hospital Teaching Guidelines for Classroom Teachers

Classroom teachers should review this document to become familiar with their role and responsibilities when a student is receiving Home and Hospital Teaching Services.