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What is Home & Hospital Teaching

  • Home and Hospital Teaching is the provision of temporary instructional support (not to exceed 60 calendar days) to medically qualified school-aged students enrolled in Prince George’s County Public Schools. 


  • Medical verification for physical conditions must be completed by a licensed physician or certified nurse practitioner.


  • Medical verification for emotional conditions must be completed by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. 


  • Services are provided in the home, hospital, or therapeutic setting. The student’s school of enrollment provides books and assignments for the home teacher to use to support educational continuity.


  • Delivery of services can be on-line,face-to- face, or a combination of both depending on the needs of the student, ability level, and selected coursework.


  • A student receiving full-time home and hospital support  will receive a minimum of 6 hours of instruction; while intermittent students receive a minimum of 3 hours of instruction. A modification of the student's schedule may be necessary depending upon the severity of the student's health needs.


  • Home and hospital teaching does not replicate daily classroom instruction. Maryland State Department of Education requires home and hospital teachers to have a bachelor's degree; therefore home and hospital teachers may not hold a teaching certification in the area of instruction.