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Mission, Vision and History

Mission Statement

The role of Printing Services is to provide a time responsive and cost effective method for the centralized management of all printed materials for schools and offices of the Prince George's County Public School system.

History and Future Outlook

The Printing Services Department has been operated by the Board of Education for more than 40 years. In the last 10 years, production has increased by more than 500% while maintaining a cost per copy lower than in 1978. 

Today, the changes in technology demand that we position ourselves differently, moving away from the traditional “offset” type of printing production and more into Electronic and Digital types of technologies.

 We have taken a lead role in this area by introducing electronic, networked digital imaging systems. This type of technology will continue to be expanded to the area of Variable Data Imaging to allow personalized design of the products. This technology is especially helpful when seeking active response and more participation in the different educational programs offered by the Prince George’s County Public School System.

Last year alone, we produced 142 million impressions, which included Student Handbooks, Homework Packets, Forms, Letterhead, Curriculum Material, Flyers, Menus, Student Program Booklets, Posters, Envelopes, and much more. 

Strategic Vision

Our vision is to develop and implement a system that will manage information and electronic imaging technology to disseminate digitally produced print media to all schools and offices.

It includes the necessary equipment to provide Digital Offset printing, bindery and finishing support, and On-Demand Remote Printing (Digital black & white and full color). This effort will also allow shared imaging resources with the Technology Operations' Data Center.

The department also functions as the central point for outsourcing of any print media by developing specifications, classification of qualified vendors, and maintaining a financially effective printed matter acquisition approach in partnership with the Purchasing Department.