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Interpreting Services

8908 Riggs Road
Adelphi, Maryland 20783

The OIT provides interpreters for approved school activities to ensure that parents/guardians who are not primary speakers of English, or who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully participate in their children’s education. Interpreters can assist with parent/teacher conferences, PTA meetings, parent workshops, back-to-school nights, administrative conferences, SIT/SST meetings, special education assessments, IEP meetings, home visits, suspension conferences, expulsion hearings and other meetings or school events.

How to request an interpreter

Interpreters work on an on-call basis and a minimum of 72 business hours is needed to fill most requests; some lower-incidence languages may require more time to arrange.


Staff Requests for Interpreting

Each school/office has designated staff members who can submit requests online using the Fluency Scheduling Platform.

Making Video and In-Person Interpreting Requests in Fluency.pdf

PGCPS Fluency Online Interpreter Scheduling System


Parent/Guardian Requests for Interpreting.

Parents may ask the school to submit a request for a scheduled meeting/event, or may request an interpreter by contacting the OIT. 

Telephonic interpreting services

CTS Language Link is authorized for interpreting services by phone in the event of immediate on-site communicative encounters with parents/guardians and for outbound calls to parents/guardians who are not primary speakers of English.  This service is available for staff to communicate with parents in over 250 languages.  Please contact the OIT for school/office code details at or 301-408-5511.

Contact Information

Lea Reyes
Coordinator of Interpreting Services
Interpreting Inquiries