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Write-a-Book Literary Program

2023-2024 Write-A-Book Winners

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About the Program

The competition is sponsored by the Office of Library Media Services and directly supports the current Common Core, MSDE, and AASL standards

The students write to inform, to persuade, and to express personal ideas.

The collaboration between Library Media Specialists and classroom teachers at the school level will provide a climate that is conducive to student learning and achievement. 

The parent involvement completes the partnership between home and school and contributes to the overall success of the students’ creative literary experience. 

For each of the categories listed, a school may submit to the Office of Library Media Services four qualified individual, four qualified group, and four qualified class-produced books for each grade level. 

The judges will award prizes at the county level for each entry group and each book type at the appropriate grade levels for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and honorable mention. 

Contact if you have any questions.