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Elementary Mathematics



The Prince George’s County Elementary Mathematics Office strives to ensure that all students have access to equitable, rigorous, and engaging mathematics in order to inspire lifelong learners who explore the world around them and solve the problems of today and tomorrow.


  • Develop mathematics teachers and leaders’ confident implementation of demanding, problem-solving scenarios through student-centered and inquiry-based learning
  • Uplift the instructional shifts of focus, coherence and rigor through building the capacity of teachers and mathematics leaders with content, pedagogy and the monitoring of student understanding through data driven instruction 
  • Provide a culturally responsive curriculum that is accessible to all students, promotes college and career readiness, and connects mathematics to their lived experiences
  • Encourage authentic, safe learning environments that emphasize:
    • learning from mistakes
    • asking questions
    • using multiple strategies and representations
    • talking to each other about our thinking
    • recognizing that answers are important but they are not the math
  • Partner with stakeholders to advance the belief that mathematics is a life-long journey