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Requesting Transportation

Department of Transportation - (301) 952-6570  

Is transportation provided to homeless students? 

Yes, if the student requires transportation to attend the school that is determined to be in the student’s best interest, comparable transportation services will be provided. Transportation will only be provided if it is outside of the Walk Zone for your child’s school. 

How do I ask for transportation for my child? 

You should speak with the Principal, Professional School Counselor, or the Registrar at your child’s school. They can assist you with completing the “Homeless Student Services Form”. 

How long will it take for the transportation to start? 

Every attempt will be made to provide transportation within three (3) school days. 

How will I find out what the transportation will be? 

You will receive a letter with the bus information as well as a telephone call from the Department of Transportation

How will my child get to school?

If it is determined that your child is eligible for transportation services, he/she will ride a school bus. Your child will not be required to ride more than 2 school buses to and from school.