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Incentive Awards

Schools are awarded incentive funds for participating in the school-based Medicaid Reimbursement Program. Each school can earn up to 5% of the Medicaid funds it recovers. At the beginning of each year, schools are informed of the amount of their incentive award. 

Medicaid is a federally-funded program and therefore the incentive funds can only be spent on classroom or health supplies for students with special needs.  However, these students do not need to be Medicaid eligible. It is at the Medicaid Coordinator’s discretion how this money is spent. Examples of allowable purchases are assessment tools, didactic materials, copy paper, and even rewards or accomplishment stickers and certificates for the students. 

  • Each year, schools are required to identify the authorized purchaser via the Purchaser Registration Form. The authorized purchaser is usually the Special Education or Medicaid Coordinator. Only people designated as “Authorized Purchaser” on our Authorized Purchaser form will be allowed to submit orders.
  • In order to access your Incentive Funds, schools must submit a completed Incentive Requisition Form with the signature of the authorized purchaser.  These forms are located in the Medicaid Manual or on our Medicaid Website.
  • When filling out the Incentive Requisition Form, please use vendor websites or current vendor catalogs when selecting items. Do not use catalogs from previous school years, as the prices of items may have changed
  • When your order arrives, you must contact Heather Sams immediately so that we can receive the items in Oracle. ( or by phone 301-952-6349) 
  • Also, please scan packing slips to:

 Special Instructions for Electronic Purchases

  • Schools must submit a completed Purchase Requisition Form with the signature of the authorized purchaser.
  • Electronic items must include a written justification in the Justification section of the form
  • Approval of electronic purchases is subject to that of the Medicaid Recovery Office manager.
  • Items such as: iPads, Xbox, Wii, and Playstations WILL NOT be approved.
  • All electronic items will be shipped directly to the school.
  • The school will notify Heather Sams of the arrival.
  • The school representative will be required to complete a Medicaid Employee Equipment Agreement form, accepting full responsibility of the item(s).
  • An email will be sent to the school representative stating that Heather Sams will be putting the updated form as well as the label in the Pony to the school.
  • Once received, please place the label on the item, take a picture, and email the picture to Heather Sams.
  • Report lost or stolen items to the Medicaid Office within 24 hours of incidence. You will need to complete Security Incident and Fixed Asset Inventory Reports. Remember there is a $1,000 deductible for each loss that the school will be responsible for if they intend to file a claim for the loss.

If you have any questions regarding your Incentive Award please contact Heather Sams ( / 301-952-6349.)