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Notice to Parents

The Prince George's County School System provides service coordination and health-related services as outlined in your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Federal law (34 CFR 300.154) requires our office to obtain a parent's consent before the school system can disclose, for billing purposes, your child's personally identifiable information to the Maryland Department of Health (MDH).  MDH is the State agency responsible for administering the Medical Assistance Program or "Medicaid" for the state of Maryland.

Your consent to release your information allows the school system to bill Medicaid for services provided to your child rather than covering the costs solely from local tax dollars.

If your child is Medicaid eligible and receiving one or more health services as outlined in his/her IEP, please complete the Parental Consent Form and return it to us by mail or fax (301) 780-5925. 

Federal Law (34 CFR300.154)(d)(2)(v) also requires the school system to provide written notification to each parent prior to obtaining their consent and annually thereafter.

This notification explains all of the protection available to parents under Part B to ensure parents are fully aware of their rights. A copy of this Parental Notification is provided here for your convenience.

Parental Notification