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Board Policy 1113 - Informational Material and Announcements

To inform the public and staff about criteria for posting or distributing informational materials and announcements. It is the intent of the board of education to designate appropriate materials for display, distribution, and to maintain a limited non-public forum.

It is important to send home and/or make available to students and parents only that information which has been approved for display or distribution in accordance with this policy.

The Superintendent or designee, as appropriate, may approve for display or for distribution directly to students informational materials or announcements from the following organizations:

  1. Prince George’s County Public Schools
  2. Agencies/departments within the County, State, or Federal government
  3. Parent Teacher Associations/Organizations
  4. The Excellence in Education Foundation for Prince George’s County Public Schools, Inc.
  5. Foundation of Automotive and Construction Technology for Students, (FACTS)
  6. Other as deemed appropriate by the Board of Education and/or Superintendent

Only information concerning activities sponsored or endorsed by the above listed will be approved.

Principals have the authority to approve materials from local school, parent, or student organizations.

The Superintendent or designee retains the right to withdraw approval from any source if it is determined that distribution would undermine the intent of this policy.

Informational materials or announcements from any other organization may be approved by the Legal Officer or an Assistant Superintendent, as appropriate, for display with copies available for students to take home on a voluntary basis, if the activity or event primarily concerns one of the following or related topics:

  1. Educational services directly related to the school system’s instructional program, such as test preparation courses or enrichment courses
  2. Student health, safety, or welfare
  3. Community sports or cultural activities (non-profit)
  4. Licensed day care

The Superintendent will adopt necessary procedures to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the school system.

Policy Adopted 9/25/62

Policy Amended 9/25/73

Policy Amended 5/12/03

Policy Amended 5/5/05

Policy Reviewed – No Revisions Required 9/28/05

Policy Amended 4/29/10

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Updated April 29, 2010