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Board Policy 1114 - Newspaper Advertising


To communicate adequately with the public, paid advertising shall normally be placed (on a rotating basis) in one or more of the Newspapers of Record as may be established from time to time by the County Government. Use of these Newspapers of Record is intended to assist citizens by providing a consistent source of information on public affairs.

Advertisements intended to reach the widest range of the public (such as reminders of registration dates) shall be placed in County Newspapers so as to give the fullest county coverage.

Advertisements complying with legal requirements to announce public hearings shall be placed in County Newspapers judged to provide the most coverage in the area directly interested in the hearing.

Procurement Advertising:

When the estimated price of procurement is above $15,000 or when procurement goes to all known manufacturers or primary suppliers, these procurements shall be advertised in a County Newspaper of Record.

When the estimated price of a procurement exceeds $15,000, solicitations for bid shall be advertised in a County Newspaper of Record. For exposure to the major market areas that can adequately service Prince George’s County Public Schools, such solicitations may also be advertised on PGCPS’ website and other media, as appropriate.

Construction Bid Advertising:

Solicitations for construction bids shall be announced by advertising in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun and the free use of the available industry information outlets in the Baltimore and Washington Markets. These solicitations shall also be advertised electronically: internet, intranet, eprocurement, or electronic bulletin board.

Employment Advertising:

In addition to internal announcements of position vacancies, position vacancy advertisements may be placed in County, Metropolitan, or National publications according to the circumstances in each case.

Policy Adopted 11/13/73

Policy Amended 7/1/03

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 11/9/04

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 10/4/05

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Updated October 4, 2005