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Board Policy 1700 - Disability Issues Advisory Board

Policy Statement

The Board of Education of Prince George’s County believes that equal opportunity and access to Prince George’s County Public Schools for students, employees, parents, and the public, regardless of ability, is critical to its mission. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Maryland Human Rights Act prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in employment and access to public facilities and these laws, along with federal and state regulations, ensure equal opportunity and access for our students with disabilities. These laws and regulations require that school districts operate programs that are accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities. They also protect all individuals with disabilities who participate in school programs and activities.

The Board of Education believes that in addition to adhering to the strict requirements of the law, when feasible, the Prince George’s County Public Schools should ensure that all Prince George’s County Public School System facilities and personnel present a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to persons with disabilities.

The Disability Issues Advisory Board (DIAB)

The Board of Education creates a Disability Issues Advisory Board (DIAB).

  1. DIAB shall report annually to the Board providing information on the following issues, as well as other related issues which may arise during the course of the Advisory Board’s work, along with any recommendations to address compliance matters:
    • Implementation of Board policies regarding access for individuals with disabilities at all Prince George’s County Public School System facilities to the extent feasible;
    • Proposed new school construction; and,
    • Employment and hiring issues
  2. The Disability Issues Advisory Board will be comprised of 15 Members:
    • 10 members nominated by the Board of Education
    • One student Board Member (his or her designee) shall serve during his or her one- year term.
    • 1 employee representing all bargaining units:
      • Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA)
      • Association of Classified Employees (ACE-AFSCME Local 2250)
      • Service Employees Local 400 Prince George’s (SEIU Local 400)
      • Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP).

        The employee representative shall only serve a two-year term, beginning with a representative designated by PGCEA as of July 1, 2013. Thereafter, the employee representative selected to serve shall be rotated every two years by bargaining unit in the order designated above.
        • 1 member nominated by the Special Education Citizens Advisory Council (SECAC- PG).
        • 2 members nominated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to include the ADA Compliance Officer and a representative from the Office of Special Education.
  3. Members of the Disability Issues Advisory Board are appointed to two year terms beginning July 1 and may be re-appointed except for the employee representing all bargaining units as referenced above in paragraph B.
  4. The DIAB shall meet at least seven (7) times a year. If a DIAB member does not attend more than fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled meetings during the year, the DIAB Chair will report the absences and may request a replacement from the Board of Education.
  5. The appointed members of the Disability Issues Advisory Board shall select a Chair and Vice Chair to serve for two year terms. A member of the Board of Education will be named to serve as Liaison to the Disability Issues Advisory Board every two years. In the event a Board Member resigns from serving or the two year term is shortened due to an election, the Board of Education shall appoint another Member to complete the two year term. Board office staff will provide administrative assistance to the DIAB.

History: DIAB established April 26, 2007 by Resolution of the Board of Education

Policy: New – May 9, 2013

Authority: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title I – Employment; Title II – State and Local Government Activities

Md. Code Ann., State Government Article, Title 20, Human Relations

Md. Code Ann., Education Article, §7-108, “Use of Public School Property by Community”; §7-201, “Students with Learning Disabilities”

About This Policy

Updated May 14, 2015