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Board Policy 2214 - Disturbing Activities and Trespass Warnings

I. Policy Statement

  1. The Board of Education (Board) recognizes that parent and community support is essential to student success. The Board believes that the parents/guardians of students attending Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) have the responsibility to keep themselves informed about their child’s school performance. To encourage parental and community involvement, parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to visit schools.
  2. While encouraging visitation, the Board has a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and security of PGCPS students and staff, and protecting PGCPS facilities and equipment from vandalism. The Board also recognizes its legal authority to act when anyone willfully disturbs or otherwise prevents the orderly conduct of school system instruction, administration, and activities. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a school principal, designated building administrator, or safety security counselor lead may deny access to unauthorized persons whose presence on public school grounds or in buildings is objectionable or otherwise undesired.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for restricting (limiting) or excluding a visitor’s access to a school building or facility when it is necessary to ensure an effective and safe learning environment for PGCPS students and staff.

III. Definitions

  1. Designated building administrator – An administrator in a non-school setting who has been identified by the CEO in writing as the administrator in charge of the building.
  2. School property – Any property owned or leased by PGCPS or used by PGCPS for school-related and/or school-sponsored activities. The concept of school property extends to school activities such as field trips, use of parks and recreation facilities, and school buses, etc. For the purposes of this policy, facilities scheduled by the school system for students’ use are considered an extension of school property.
  3. Trespass / Trespassing – Entrance on school property or participation in a school- sponsored activity by an individual who has been given prior legal notice that entry or use of the property has been denied or who remains on the property once notified of the request to leave.
  4. Willful disturbance – Conduct by an individual who:
    1. Willfully disrupts, disturbs or otherwise willfully prevents the orderly conduct of activities, functions, administration, or classes at a school;
    2. Molests or threatens with bodily harm any student, employee, or other individual lawfully on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored activity off school property; or
    3. Threatens with bodily harm any employee at home by any means, including in-person, by telephone, or by electronic means if the threat arises out of the scope of the employee’s employment.

IV. Standards

  1. A person may not willfully disturb or otherwise willfully prevent the orderly conduct of the activities, administration, or classes of any PGCPS school or school property.
  2. A person may not molest or threaten with bodily harm any student, employee, administrator, agent, or any other individual who is lawfully:
    1. On the grounds/school property or in the immediate vicinity of any PGCPS school or building;
    2. On a school vehicle;
    3. At an activity sponsored by a school that is held off school property; or
    4. On property that is owned by PGPCS and is used for administrative or other purposes.
  3. A person may not threaten with bodily harm any employee at home by any means, including in person, by telephone, or by electronic mail. This prohibition applies only to threats arising out of the scope of the employee’s employment.
  4. The school principal, designated building administrator, safety security counselor lead, or the CEO may deny access to school property to any person who:
    1. Is not a bona fide, currently registered student or employee of PGCPS, and who does not have lawful business to pursue with PGCPS;
    2. Is a bona fide, currently registered student at PGCPS and has been suspended or expelled, for the duration of the suspension or expulsion;
    3. Is an employee who has been denied access to school property as a result of administrative action; or
    4. Creates a willful disturbance.
  5. The school principal, designated building administrator, safety security counselor lead, or CEO shall verbally:
    1. demand identification and evidence of qualification from any person who desires to use or enter the premises of PGCPS; and/or
    2. request that the person leave school property if the person does not have lawful business to pursue on school property or acts in a manner that is disruptive or disturbing to the normal educational or administrative functions of PGCPS.
  6. The CEO may designate in writing additional personnel who have the authority to take the actions set forth in sections IV.D. and E.
  7. Denial of Access Letter
    1. Upon the determination that access should be limited or denied, the school principal, designated building administrator, or CEO may, in addition to the verbal instruction, issue a letter informing the person of the following:
      1. The conduct/activity that warranted the limitation or denial of access;
      2. The time period of limitation or denial; and
      3. The manner in which access will be limited.
    2. The limitation or denial should not exceed one calendar year from the date of insurance.
    3. The letter shall inform the person of his/her option to appeal the decision and the procedures for appealing the decision.
  8. Reporting
    1. The Board shall report annually to the Maryland State Department of Education the number of school disruptions that occurred in PGCPS in violation of section IV. A., B. and C. of this policy for the immediately preceding school year.
    2. The annual report shall comply with the requirements of § 26-101, Md. Code Ann., Educ. Article.

V. Implementation

  1. The CEO is authorized to develop an administrative procedure to implement this policy. The administrative procedure shall include provisions for the CEO’s designation in writing of any additional personnel, including designated building administrators, who have the authority to deny access to buildings or school property.
  2. The CEO shall provide the Board with an annual report addressing the number of school system disruptions that occurred the previous year.

VI. References

  1. Legal
    MD Ann. Code, Educ. Art. §§ 26-101 and 26-102.
  2. Other Board Policies or Administrative Procedures
    AP 0500 - School Visitors

VII. History

Policy Adopted

Policy Amended

Policy Amended

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required

Policy Amended

Policy Amended

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Updated April 27, 2023