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Board Policy 2513 - Special Days and Observances


As educational and tax-supported institutions, schools observe and commemorate various holidays. These encompass national, state, and community observances that celebrate the heritage and heroes of the nation, state or community. Schools should observe such holidays and events employing a range of activities (including, but not limited to, assemblies, public address announcements, display cases, posters, newsletters, etc.).

Administrators and teachers should provide the historical or social context underlying these observances, and should reinforce, to the extent practical, curricular components. Such school celebrations should also extend to observances that fall on holidays or other days (e.g. weekends) when schools are not open to students. In such cases, schools should schedule activities either immediately before or after the holiday.

In planning individual school calendars and observance programs, schools should ensure that the observances selected and the events planned are inclusive and reflect the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of Prince George’s County.

About This Policy

Policy Adopted 11/13/74

Policy Amended 7/1/03

Policy Reviewed – No Revisions Required

Updated October 19, 2005