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Board Policy 2700 - Operational Facility Visits


In light of the Board’s comprehensive statutory responsibilities related to buildings, budget, personnel, students, curriculum, transportation, and many other obligations, Board members may desire to visit operational facilities to help them become familiar with school system matters under their jurisdiction and enable them to make better informed decisions when the need arises. “Operational facilities” includes any school or other property owned by the Board of Education.

When feasible, Board members, as a matter of courtesy will notify the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at least one business day in advance when a formal visit to an operational facility is planned. Once the CEO is notified, Board members should work with the facilities supervisory staff to ensure that the visit does not interfere with instructional or operational activities. This policy shall not apply to extracurricular activities by the operational facility in which the Board member has been invited.

Board members shall also provide a courtesy notification of at least one business day to another Board member who represents the district of the facility being visited.

Visits should generally be regarded as informal expressions of interest in operational activities and not as “inspections” or visits for supervisory purposes.

About This Policy

Updated March 21, 2017