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Board Policy 3160 - Transfer of Funds


The Superintendent is responsible for the management of the Operating Budget so as to make the most effective use of the fund resources in meeting the objectives of the school system, and for limiting expenditures of funds to prevent exceeding the appropriations authorized in the annual operating budget.

Transfers between major budget categories require Board of Education and County Council approval prior to actual transfer pursuant to Education Article, Section 5-105 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Major Categories:

  • Administration
  • Instructional Salaries
  • Mid-Level Administration
  • Textbooks and Instructional Supplies
  • Other Instructional Costs
  • Student Personnel Services
  • Health Services
  • Student Transportation Services
  • School Plant Services
  • Maintenance of Plant
  • Fixed Charges
  • Community Services
  • Special Education

Legal Reference: MD Ann Code, Educ Art § 5-105.

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Policy Amended 8/19/82

Policy Amended 3/13/03

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 11/9/04

Updated April 29, 2010