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Board Policy 3230 - Grant Assistance (Restricted Programs)


When the Board of Education is eligible for funding assistance through grants or awards whose use is restricted to programs and services specified by the grantor, applications and/or other commitments for participation shall be subject to the following:

  1. No funds or benefits may be applied for or accepted if guidelines and regulations issued pursuant thereto conflict with existing statutes, bylaws, rules or regulations promulgated under the Annotated Code of Maryland and the Bylaws of the Board of Education of Prince George’s County.
  2. The grant program offered must support the mission and goals of the Prince George’s County Public Schools and contribute to the educational opportunities of its target population.
  3. The Board of Education shall be notified of all restricted grants awarded to the Prince George’s County Public Schools. Such notice shall briefly describe the purpose of the project, total grant amount, amount of any required match, source of funds, the grant period, and include a staffing summary.

About This Policy

Policy Adopted 8/26/71

Policy Amended 9/6/73

Policy Amended 5/22/03

Policy Amended 3/1/05

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 9/23/05

Updated November 27, 2006