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Board Policy 3545 - Use of Board of Education Vehicles

The Board of Education recognizes the need for certain key employees to respond quickly to physical plant malfunctions and to localized operating manpower shortages. Provision of a suitably-equipped Board vehicle to these key employees to be available 24-hours a day is one way to minimize response time to emergency situations.

The usage of any Board vehicle taken home by an employee is restricted to Prince George’s County Public School system business only. Personal use of an employee assigned vehicle is neither authorized nor warranted. Any personal use violations by an employee of an assigned vehicle will serve as authority to recall the vehicle.

Proper procedures shall be instituted to comply with relevant income tax provisions.

Legal Reference: Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Code and Regulations

Policy Adopted 4/21/86

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 5/5/03

Policy Amended 1/6/05

Policy Reviewed-No Revisions Required 10/4/05

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Updated October 4, 2005